A Global Reach with a Personal Approach

Market Intelligence

Our team of researchers collate the most up to date and relevant data

Each search we undertake is bespoke and is focused on high-level market mapping and analysis with considerable detail, resulting in competitive edge market knowledge. We have supported clients with detailed market analysis, assisting them in engaging with and entering new markets and sectors in line with business strategy.

Our first-class intelligence reports, both qualitative and quantitative in nature, will enable our client to make fully informed decisions, whether that be to enter a new market, acquire a new team or a company acquisition. Our market intelligence team is responsible for finding future leaders, managing gender diversity programs and acquiring an ever-deeper understanding of your market space.

We have become well known for repatriation projects and our ability to handle complex multi-hire projects around the world as well as a number of language-specific profiling assignments as well as global diversity programs.

Trinity Global Partners is committed to the successful achievement of clients’ diversity & inclusion targets, ensuring this with gender-balanced shortlists and other client-tailored diversity programs on a global basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve a mutually rewarding outcome for our clients and candidates.